Kaleem Taylor - Distant love

Kaleem Taylor - Distant love
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1:42 мин. 320 кбит/с 29 октябрь 2020 год
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And now your love's on standby
But you shouldn't wait for me
I don't understand why
But you put this crown on me
I know it rained all summer
But girl don't waste your tears on me
You're my distant lover
And that's all that you have been
Yeah we could've been perfect
Yeah we should've been perfect
We know perfect ain't real
But we could've been one thing (maybe we could've been)
And as much as I feel
I know that you're still hurting (you are still hurting)
But the hurting won't last
And the love we have will
You're my distant love
You're my distant love
You're my distant love
You're my distant lovе
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