Frawley - Knocking On My Heart

Frawley - Knocking On My Heart
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3:18 мин. 320 кбит/с 05 декабрь 2020 год
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2 a.m., 2 a.m., 2 a.m., only time that you ever ring
Yeah, I know, yeah, I know, yeah, I know that could only mean one thing
And I don't want that
No, I'm not that easy
I said treat me better
But you didn't believe me
Oh yeah
I used to leave a key under the mat
Because I thought I'd need you
Now I leave the light on by the porch
So you could watch me leavin'
You've been knock, knock, knocking on my heart
But only when you're lonely
Call, call, calling in the dark
When you need somebody
Someone to hold whеn it's late at night
So baby, don't waste any time
Knock, knock, knocking on my hеart
Your love don't live here anymore
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