Lil Durk, Lil Baby - Finesse out the gang way

Lil Durk, Lil Baby - Finesse out the gang way
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3:06 мин. 320 кбит/с 29 январь 2021 год
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Текст песни
I came from nothin', I had to go get it
I had to finesse out the gang way (Gang way)
I done did everything for the niggas that I love
Who stuck in the chain gang (Chain gang)
Shit be so weird, I'm steady watchin' all the niggas who yellin' out, "Gang, gang" (Gang, gang)
Shit be so different, I'm watchin' the niggas who bitches but yellin' out, "Bang, bang" (Bang, bang)
Roll up a blunt of that Pluto
Used to be deep now I'm riding 'round Uno
I know some niggas who hustlin' but quit 'cause they was doin' that shit for too long
I remember niggas feelin' like brothers but now this shit feel like a group home
And I had told 'em I love 'em so much to me it felt you can't do wrong
I was trappin' out inside of my granny crib, I was servin' with two phones
I remember tellin' judges, "Don't know where the Patek is," now it's two-tone

The money make the world spin (Spin, oh)
The money make the girls grin (Grin, oh)
Been rapper since 2010 (Ten, oh)
Who would ever thought that I'd win? (Win, oh)
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