22Gz - Blixky Gang Freestyle Pt. 2

22Gz - Blixky Gang Freestyle Pt. 2
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1:53 мин. 320 кбит/с 26 февраль 2021 год
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Текст песни
Smoking on gushers, shit got me coughing
Playing with me, you end up in a coffin
Shoot at the feds, always on offense
Catch a opp on camera, then link the recording
Totin' the stick, make it rain, have it pouring
Rockin' the, slump, snoring
Travel the opp block, we be exploring
All extortion, I'mma enforce it
They know that Blixky the gang, you cannot hang if you ain't got stains
I put in work for my name, since I let off a blicky, I ain't been the same
She wanna fuck with the shiggy, I made her twirl on my dick 'til she dizzy
I told her drink in the city, I'm in

Gang shit, she know the gang lit
942, born a zoo, she don't know gang, bitch
Ain't got no love for a treesh, hit it and quit it then she for the streets
She know we touchin' the preist, drop me a sec 'cause you fuck with the G's
Spinning in 3Vs, driver's a shooter, I call it a three piece
Ran out of, Glock with a stick and it came with a peepee
Ain't you say you gon' slide, I hit up the guys
I got snipers in Broward, call up my Haitians, shoutout my
with the cooler kit
Ain't gotta call up the guys, I can go do the hit
Mask on, strap drawn, they don't know who the shooter is
Me, I hit numerous, spin through, maneuver it
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